December 31, 1969

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The Benefits and How to Calculate Square Footage Accurately

Accurate square footage in a facility is an absolute must have these days. Many don't have a true measurement that is up to date since the building's creation. This can lead to excess spending across multiple facilities. It might be time to look...

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5 Ways to Reignite The Spark in Preventive Maintenance

It's that time of year again when flowers, chocolates and sweet letters engulf everything you see, everywhere you go. Some people are expressing their love for one another, some find the holiday as a revolting marketing scheme and others are...

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Super Bowl LI Was No Simple Building Management Project

Every year, millions of Americans gather around their television sets with friends, families and fellow football fanatics for the largest TV event year after year; the Super Bowl. Behind all of the extravagant scenes of incredible performances,...

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5 Easy Goals For Achieving Successful Building Turnover

It's one thing to have a plan to transition from construction to operations smoothly, but executing that plan can be an entirely different challenge. In all of the crazy back and forth, plans will likely change and keep your team from getting to...

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The 4 Steps to Avoid Getting Trumped with Capital Planning Software

With all of the recent changes on the political battleground, a lot of us are wondering what this means as far as funding for our facilities and who is making the decisions. It's time to prepare in case we are misfortunate enough to not have the...

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The Best Facility Management Articles of 2016

Let's look back on the best facility management articles of 2016 in preparation of 2017.

The last year was filled with a lot of hard work, manual labor and some creative writing thrown together. It's sometimes a difficult task to document and...

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BIM vs. CAD... What's the difference?

We often hear the "BIM vs. CAD" question when working with facility owners and managers. Generally the difference between each technology is less understood in facilities management than in engineering or construction.In this article we...

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Making the Leap to Virtual Reality in Facility Management

VR or Virtual Reality is a hot topic these days. Even though it is predominately used in the gaming industry, VR is going to make a huge impact on the way we maintain and manage facilities.

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The Most Influential Trends In K-12 Facility Management

The modern era of technological advancement is raging on with no signs of slowing. We need to stay conscious of the future of our K-12 facilities. Every day there are new applications and technologies being introduced to all reaches of life. The...

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The 4 Secrets for Success in K-12 Facility Management

No one understands your educational facilities better than you and your team. but as we all know, there's always more to learn. Here are some prized secrets that were mined from fellow facility management masters to further your path of success. 

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