December 31, 1969

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How To Reduce Facility Maintenance Costs With Sensors

Technology is great when you know how to harness it effectively. When you own a facility, whether it is a warehouse, a convention center, or even an entertainment venue, there are sensors and facilities management technology that can help you out...

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The Big Impact Facility Management Technology Has on Wrench Time

"Designers, contractors, product suppliers, and owners – waste a huge amount of money looking for, validating, and/or recreating facility information that should be readily available. The total cost of these activities within the capital...

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The Current State of Facility Management Technology

Maintenance begins the day a building is turned over from construction. The physical systems in buildings, including plumbing and HVAC assets, need preventive maintenance to extend their longevity and remain operable. Over a buildings 50 plus...

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The Beginners' Guide to Facility Asset Management

As a facility manager, you are responsible for managing your facility's assets, including maintenance, budgets and a host of other things. A successful building manager does not do these things randomly or haphazardly, but instead, uses a...

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5 Tips to Improve Facility Capital Planning

How to Collect Accurate Data and Make the Leap to an Optimized Facility Budget.

Facility capital planning remains a challenging task among most building managers. Successful capital management and planning requires balancing critical facility...

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4 Square Footage Definitions You Need to Know and How to Use Them

It's important to understand that there are four types of building square footage. When it comes to facility management, you need to know how square footage is calculated and how each measure should be used. Using the wrong square footage...

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5 Steps to a Successful Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is part of a complete and multi-disciplinary audit of an organization's buildings. Facility managers should use an FCA as a

  • Part of a technical investigation and review of assets or systems looking into the...
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Simple Facility Management Software

The most common request building owners ask for in facility management software is simplicity. After all, what good is a program if it doesn't get used.

AkitaBox is releasing an update to its' interface on Thursday, June 30th, 2016 that will...

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How to Prevent Dangerous FM Emergencies: Asset Mapping

As much as we try to be proactive facility managers, we know that problems will come up forcing us to be reactive. Though these facility management emergencies are inevitable, we need to do our best to mitigate their frequency and potential...

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Benchmarking and Tracking Preventive Maintenance

Part 3 of 3: Benchmarking - Click here to read part 1

Did you know?

In most buildings, over 75 percent of maintenance is too late (reactive) or unnecessary (scheduled too early).

The 3 most common mistakes facility managers...

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