December 31, 1969

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The 5 Biggest Innovations in Facility Management Technology 2016

When it comes to the maintenance of your facility, recent technological advancements have made great strides. With that, it is important to keep an eye on the emerging technologies that will make the biggest impact in facility operations. Here...

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How to Create a Custodial Cleaning Plan without Janitorial Software

Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to run an efficient, profitable cleaning team without janitorial software. With this handy guide, you will learn how to optimize a custodial cleaning plan with simple calculations and avoid paying for...

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Drones: Lowering the Cost of Construction and Integrating Building Inspection Software

Drones, aka unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are an exciting, though controversial, technology. Their value for viewing hard-to-reach places is obvious. Can they help out in construction inspection and facility maintenance? The answer is yes —...

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Sensors and Facility Management Technology Lowers Maintenance Costs

It wasn’t so long ago that temperatures in commercial properties were controlled by adjusting a thermostat. But these manually adjusted building controls are a quaint relic of the past. Facility management technology automates temperature...

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3 Strategies to Make Space Management Suck Less

Space management is the time-consuming process of controlling, assigning, and managing the difference spaces within a building. Spaces can be anything from rooms and units to corridors. Proper space management is important for more than just...

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How To Reduce Facility Maintenance Costs With Sensors

Technology is great when you know how to harness it effectively. When you own a facility, whether it is a warehouse, a convention center, or even an entertainment venue, there are sensors and facilities management technology that can help you out...

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The Big Impact Facility Management Technology Has on Wrench Time

"Designers, contractors, product suppliers, and owners – waste a huge amount of money looking for, validating, and/or recreating facility information that should be readily available. The total cost of these activities within the capital...

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The Current State of Facility Management Technology

Maintenance begins the day a building is turned over from construction. The physical systems in buildings, including plumbing and HVAC assets, need preventive maintenance to extend their longevity and remain operable. Over a buildings 50 plus...

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The Beginners' Guide to Facility Asset Management

As a facility manager, you are responsible for managing your facility's assets, including maintenance, budgets and a host of other things. A successful building manager does not do these things randomly or haphazardly, but instead, uses a...

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5 Tips to Improve Facility Capital Planning

How to Collect Accurate Data and Make the Leap to an Optimized Facility Budget.

Facility capital planning remains a challenging task among most building managers. Successful capital management and planning requires balancing critical facility...

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