15 Features Your Facility Maintenance Software Must Have for Success

Posted by Charlie Jurgens on Apr 25, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Not all facility maintenance software solutions are created equally. Some solutions were designed to be the biggest and baddest goal trackers and stat collectors any facility has ever seen. Others were made just as a simple work order tool to keep everything in line.

No matter which solution you choose, make sure it has these 15 necessary capabilities to make your job much easier. Otherwise, you might find yourself shopping around for another system while your current one stagnates and never finishes being implemented.

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Topics: Building Management Technology, Facility Maintenance Software

Getting The Most From Accurate Building Data Collection

Posted by Charlie Jurgens on Apr 18, 2017 8:00:00 AM

The art of facility management encompasses many aspects—from how to calculate square feet (including usable), mapping assets, preventive maintenance, energy efficiency, and collecting building data.  The latter, is important to ensure the optimization of the former. 

Accurate building data collection can help maintain the overall health and life cycle of buildings (and their assets), teach us how to calculate square footage, work order management, diagnosing trends, consolidating information, and ensuring cost-effectiveness. 

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Topics: Preventive Maintenance, Proactive Building Management

Promoting The Future of Facilities Management Jobs

Posted by Charlie Jurgens on Apr 11, 2017 8:00:00 AM

One of the predominant emerging trends in facility management is a multigenerational gap between the folks close to retirement, and the young guns entering the realm of facilities. Many might not be familiar with the process involved with being introduced to facility management and maintenance.

Is it something provided in a formal higher educational setting, or is it an old school apprenticeship? The future of facilities management jobs is transforming at an incredibly fast rate and some might not realize it.

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Topics: Planning, Proactive Building Management

Conquering Facility Spring Cleaning with Space Management Software

Posted by Charlie Jurgens on Apr 4, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Spring is here.  While April showers don’t always bring May flowers, it is the time of the year when our homes and facilities abroad could use an old-fashioned scrub down. Regardless of your industry background, there is one tool that will evolve the standard cleaning trolley and custodian into a superhero—space management software.

Let’s conquer your spring cleaning responsibilities and make sure the job gets done right the first time. The northern hemisphere is thawing and the germs are ready for their final stand against us.

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Topics: Planning, Custodial Duties

The World's Tallest Facility Management Projects

Posted by Charlie Jurgens on Mar 28, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Throughout the history of humankind there have been extremely large structures erected from the earth below, to the sky above. These structures sometimes define an entire culture's existence in history, while others are built to be the biggest and baddest on the planet. No matter how many times you've google searched and taken virutal tours of these buildings, these facilities leave us with a sense of awe and just when you thought we reached the highest peak possible, someone comes along with a bigger dream. 

Take a look at the world's tallest facility management projects across the globe and discover just how much space and different uses some of them contain. It's almost unreal.

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Topics: Proactive Building Management, Facility Maintenance Software